How to be an active listener Building a positive team energy That’s why for me, being a successful sales manager (or sales leader) is about finding the perfect balance between both management skills and sales leadership skills. In sales, you do get rewarded for working hard, while in other careers you will often have to do a lot more extra work which includes overtime and at the end you do … A sales manager is someone who is responsible for leading and guiding a team of sales people in an organization. But if you got into sales because you have a passion and genuine interest in the industry, it could be a sign to the sales recruiter that you are a potential long-term fit. 3. 4. When that’s the case, then you can begin having the conversation about a sales management transition. You want to be “hands-on” so you’re on top of everyone. When interviewing for a sales manager position, you really want to do everything you can to show the interviewer your sales knowledge and leadership abilities. You’ll also want to show how you would evaluate and develop sales reps as a manager. Why do you want to Work Here? Know your product: Know what your hotel has to offer in terms of its strengths and weaknesses, especially as it compares to your competition. It’s a way for a potential employer to get to know you and what you’d be Most people who have never had a first-level manager’s role (which is to say, most people) think that a manager’s job is less individual contribution but more responsibility. Accepting a manager role is often seen as an upward movement where one’s dedicated work has been recognized. But job rotation puts you in a different job function every three to six months allowing you to get first-hand experience and decide whether it is right for you or not. 6. The best part is, you don’t need to be a sales manager today, in order to build (and start demonstrating) your leadership abilities. 6. 2. Why do you want to be a sales manager? Remember, many good sales reps turn out to be ineffective managers, so if your candidate simply talks about their sales skills, they may not be the best fit for the job. Sales managers have distinct personalities . You ask a salesperson if they had always wanted to be in sales, and most will say something like, “No one grows up wanting to be in sales.” Stay … If you’re not good at giving out orders, telling people the truth to their face (even if it’s not nice), or delivering criticism and bad news, then you should probably think twice before climbing the ladder. Take a look at the questions below to get a better understanding of what to expect when it comes to questions like this. Why exactly do you want to be a car salesperson? To the surprise of almost everyone who initially steps into that role, it’s actually about more responsibility and more individual contribution. You probably want to move into a managerial position because it is the next logical step in you career progression. But behold the huge problem here: Having the qualities that make an excellent salesperson does not necessarily mean a person knows how to be a good sales manager and lead a team to success. Some of the questions you could be asked are: How do you determine where reps are strong and weak? Drive: The Most Important Innate Characteristic in Salespeople, But, Easy to Fake in a Job Interview, Setting goals for each rep on the team and following up with each rep to make sure they are achieving those goals, Explaining the technology used in the sales department, Introducing the new salesperson to key players at the company, Assigning a good mentor to work with the new salesperson. 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O ver the past few months, I have been interviewing prospective product managers at a growing pace. If you have people on your team angling for a managerial promotion but whom you don’t think are the right fit for the job, it’s best to counsel early and often — on things they need to get more comfortable doing, or on a more suitable career path. What makes you the ideal candidate for this position? “Why do you want to work in sales?” The biggest mistake you can make when answering this question is to simply say, “Because I like it,” or worse, “Because the money is good.” This doesn't really tell the interviewer anything they couldn't have obviously guessed—and it certainly doesn't help to set you apart from other candidates. How do you incentivize your reps’ performance? You’ll want to be prepared to answer questions regarding sales tactics and your process of closing a sale. Is it their own ambition to climb the career ladder and the pursuit of power and influence, or is it their vision of improvement and their own contribution to growth and development of their subordinates, and eventually the whole company? As a sales manager, it’s your job to be occupied with doing everything you can to make each individual member of your team successful. How Not to Answer “Why Sales?” Understand that as a freelancer, you will have to be a consummate sales-and-marketer of yourself and that you’ll have to develop thick skin to handle the rejection. 11,412 assistant manager interview questions. Why do you want this marketing and sales manager job? These type of managers don't blow out the number, but they also usually don't create problems. In the ideal world, every opportunity should have a customer success manager assigned. It is my contention that the difference is that a manager tells you what they want to happen, and tells you how to do … There is also the opportunity for your new salesperson to take sales training programs or sales courses to help educate them. These bosses simply give out orders and judge their employees based solely on metrics, never taking the time to truly help anyone succeed. Everyone has had a bad boss at some point. In this post, I’m going to tell you how to be a great sales manager. If you develop these 10 qualities, you’ll drive business results while earning the trust and respect of your sales team. It is a good sign if they mention things like: If they avoid these topics and simply mention that they would talk about the required sales quotas and email the salesperson some training videos, they might not be able to train sales reps effectively. When interviewing for a sales manager position, you really want to do everything you can to show the interviewer your sales knowledge and leadership abilities.While you should always be prepared for common job interview questions, there are a few manager-specific questions that you’ll want to make sure you have practiced before hand. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a career in sales and how to make those first steps into your chosen sales career. If you are planning to apply for a managerial jobs then you need to be prepared on answering questions regarding your motivation for being a manager. A career in sales can often be quite rewarding for those who wish to pursue it. As an ordinary employee you can take on simple views that benefit your own results, and blame management if things go badly. Listen for signs that the candidate understands that a good coach helps salespeople with career development by building strong sales skills and teaching them how to solve problems on the job. 7. When seeking a candidate to fill a sales manager role, you’ll want someone who has had success setting and reaching goals — even if they are small goals. If your reps are underperforming or unhappy with their work, that’s on you. They approach the sales process from the perspective of giving not getting. They want to understand your motivation and if you have the drive to be successful. Remember way back when, when you were put in front of senior management for the first time, and asked that all so simple yet all so important question? Why do you want to become a sales manager? If you find a candidate that is a good fit, our sales management courses can help them build their high-performance sales team. The number one quality your sales manager should look for in a new salesperson is Drive. Of course, now that you’ve been sitting in the position for a while, you realize that it’s not so much that there are clear right or wrong responses (though in extreme cases either way, there certainly can be). For example, a brand communication manager most often acts as the brand’s spokesperson with media relations, whereas a brand developer may be more involved in the sales and marketing activities, creating new branded items and selling initiatives, marketing the company image, as well as analyzing trends in the sales performance and adjusting plans accordingly in order to meet the … How would you onboard and train a new sales rep? Sounds logical, right? The course work gave me the tools to effectively do what has been natural for me in the past – overseeing groups, and getting jobs done with others. You’ll always hijack a sales call, so you can feel what it’s like to close a big deal again, frustrating new recruits and seasoned sellers alike. “Why do you want to work in sales?” The biggest mistake you can make when answering this question is to simply say, “Because I like it,” or worse, “Because the money is good.” This doesn't really tell the interviewer anything they couldn't have obviously guessed—and it certainly doesn't help to set you apart from other candidates. Chances are the sales manager’s team will use a CRM and several other applications to streamline their processes. You If the candidate merely talks about addressing numbers and quotas, they may not be the best fit to motivate and lead a team. It is likely a bad sign if the candidate lets you know that they want to become a sales manager because they are looking to make more money or because they have simply become bored with their job and want a new role during the sales manager interview. You’re micro-managing. That is why this question is important – it allows you to determine whether the candidate is capable of hiring salespeople that are high-performing. Remember, you’re prepared and qualified for this! What do you believe to be the main motivator for sales reps? If they do these things, they are likely capable of coaching a sales team — even when they are struggling. What attributes would you look for when hiring a new sales rep? If they are uncomfortable collecting and analyzing data, they will likely be unable to do so, which may result in them making emotion-based decisions that negatively affect their team. If you want to become a sales manager, a bachelor's degree in business administration will expose you to general business coursework. They set sales goals & quotas, build a sales plan, analyze data, assign sales training and sales territories, mentor the members of his/her sales team and are involved in the hiring and firing process. You don’t want to coerce someone into thinking they should aspire to be a sales manager. If that’s what you want, here’s my list of the 13 skills you… Good technology is key to a successful sales department. What would you say to a low-performing sales representative in a one-on-one meeting? It is surely going to be darted at you and you will have to not only answer but prove it to the interviewer that you ‘know the job’ and possess the required prerequisites. Being a manager entails a lot of responsibility, so it’s a good idea to let the hiring manager know that you recognize that when talking about why you want to be a manager Answer why do you want to be a sales manager. The best part is, you don’t need to be a sales manager today, in order to build (and start demonstrating) your leadership abilities. A sales manager is the person responsible for leading and coaching a team of salespeople. So if you want to be a manager because you see it as some sort of power trip, then forget it. Like many graduates I meet, “sales” isn’t a glamorous word I wanted to be associated with, and I thought the idea … Continue reading 5 reasons why working in sales is a great first job → A sales rep on your team does a good job—let’s say very good. Hiring managers need closers. When you’re a sales manager—it’s not about you. Sales managers must be able to make data-based decisions about how to lead their team. In this post, I’ll show you what a customer success manager does, how they fit into the prospect-customer sales journey, and why they’re so indispensable. If your sales manager cannot build and lead a successful sales team, your company’s profitability will suffer overall. As a sales manager, it’s your job to be occupied with doing everything you can to make each individual member of your team successful. You'll have a good-to-great sales manager, who gets to 70-75% of target, and really knows what sales management is about (hiring right, on-boarding, coaching, performance management, political management, knows how to internally block and tackle, etc.). A tough question indeed, especially if we speak about jobs that are generally considered bad, or at least not ideal, and we apply for them simply because our current situation does not allow us to apply for a better job, or because we need any job, to survive. So, pick your most likely candidates to be your replacement, and start preparing them for that all important question by using your experience to guide them along these four dimensions: The most important part of becoming a manager is making sure that it won’t collide with your personality, your values, your nature, and your general attitude. A sales rep on your team does a good job—let’s say very good. Recruitment companies can help individuals who are interested in applying for this type of role to create an effective application that will impress any employer. When you are fresh out of university, it may not be always clear what you want to do. A qualified candidate will likely mention leadership skills, tell stories about how they led a team to success in the past and talk about how they enjoy inspiring others and motivating them to improve. Strive for honesty — it’s a good base for every new relationship, business included. Neither of these two options is wholly good or bad, but it’s good for people to be honest to themselves — and to others — about what really matters to them. 8. Doing so will ensure your sales team has a strong leader who can inspire them to work harder and motivate them to sell more than ever. A Driven salesperson will possess these three non-teachable traits: It is a good sign if the sales manager mentions any of these traits. As an interviewee, you want to get the “Why do you want this job?” question. If you want to read more on this aspect, I urge you to read Camille Fournier’s articles or book. This way you can feel confident knowing that they are able to motivate every rep on their team. Example Response: Example: "I would like to begin a career in car sales because it is a job where hard work and motivation pay off each and every day." Many companies will need a salesperson and sales manager to help them maintain a … “Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.” – Martin Scorsese Below are three of the most common tech sales interview questions, why a hiring manager asks them, and the best points to hit when answering them. For one thing, the two job roles require vastly different skill sets. Strategic decision making Either starting with a product or Before we get into exactly what these sales leadership qualities are, I want to first make it clear exactly what it means to be a sales leader. There is no doubt that money is a big motivator, but effective sales managers know that motivation is more personal than that. However, it should not be a deal-breaker if they do not mention them – you can easily teach them to look for these traits or allow them to test potential salespeople by using a sales personality test while hiring salespeople. Let me share with you 5 reasons why you don’t want to be a sales manager. If the sales manager does not understand the technology or has a difficult time learning how to use it, they will not be able to teach new hires how to use that technology effectively. Rather, it’s more about aligning skills, aptitudes, responsibilities, and expectations — and the answer to that question often shows how well aligned the prospective manager is or isn’t for his or her new role. Why do you want to be a sales manager? When they answer this question, they should show signs that they are an effective motivator and convey that they are neither too tough nor too easy on low-performing reps. (And if you don't? I’m a firm believer that the best path to success is bench strength — if you want to move up in your career, you better have a few people on your team that can step up and take your place. The one that’s at least partially responsible for determining why you’re sitting in the chair you’re sitting in now. To tackle this broad question, you need to consider two components. Why do you want to work in Sales and Trading? What you do need to do is commit to understanding yourself. A sales manager's tasks often include assigning sales territories, setting quotas, mentoring the members of her sales team, assigning sales training, building a sales plan, and hiring and firing salespeople. Why do you want this job? When your candidate is answering this question, they should communicate that motivation depends on each salesperson’s specific situation. Make sure that the candidate does not plan to force their methods on all of the sales reps. To be an effective sales manager, they must understand that there is more than one way to sell effectively, and be accepting of alternative methods that have been proven to work. One of my favourite quotes on managers is from a great article by Rich Armstrong: “The only reason there’s so many awful managers is that good people like you refuse to do … I live for the handshake at the close of a successful sale. I remember telling a lot of my friends that I got a job at a “consulting firm”. But what is the right answer, really?

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