Though ABC didn't air many of the hip-hop winners of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards tonight, a couple rappers still took home some awards – including Philly's own Meek Mill. Production Credits: J. Cole, Ron Gilmore, Elite, Boi-1da, Cardiak, Deputy, Frank Dukes, Childish Major, Vinylz, Peter Cottontale, Elijah Scarlett, Steve Lacy, Velous, Nico Segal, BLVK, Nate Fox, Nate Jones, Theo Croker. Release Date: December 16, 2016 Production Credits: Q-Tip & Blair Wells. Production Credits: The Roots, !llmind, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mike Elizondo, Ben Folds, Trooko. Production Credits: Cardo, DJ Khalil, Hit-Boy, Swizz Beatz, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Adrian Younge, DJ Spinz, Frank Dukes, Yung Exclusive, Astronote, Ritz Reynolds, Bizness Boi. came out, those worries were put to rest thanks to one of the boldest (and most confusing) statements from an MC we heard all year. 2016 saw major releases from nearly every marquee artist under the sun, signaling that 2017 might be something of an off-year. Critic Score Consensus holds that 2016 was a terrible, terrible year. Also some of his hardest and funniest bars to date are on here, on god. But those were just post-splash appendices, and the story written in granite will show how Chance The Rapper created a unique moment that momentarily protected Young Thug and Lil Yachty from slander, brought T-Pain and Kirk Franklin to the same pulpit on the rousing “Finish Line / Drown” and had shook A&Rs second-guessing that record label pitch out of fear for dreadheads in the lobby. Release Date: September 2, 2016 Label: Top Dawg Entertainment/Aftermath/Interscope Honor Killed the Samurai consisted of Ka’s laconic vocal delivery that matched the album’s dark sauntering beats and his descriptions of the pitch-black, crime-stricken concrete jungle of Brownsville, Brooklyn. Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: 34 Release Date: September 27, 2016 Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic/Getty, Tim Mosenfelder/Getty (2) The year in rap featured gospel … Cue up your favorite streaming service, and get ready for some summer hip-hop bliss. the Punisher, Free P, Jowin Park Ave. On Tirade, Spottie consistently measures his humble Tennessee upbringing against his new-found fame with accessible punchlines and crooning comparable to Curren$y. Danny Brown (Daniel Sewell), was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and had wanted to be a rapper since he was in elementary school.He grew up on the East Side and despite his dream to start rapping, the support from his family to do music, and being pretty sheltered from the gangster kind of life, he went into drug dealing with his friends. Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: 4 Album Review by /u/nd20. Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: 1 Dive in. Label: Bad Half Entertainment Something’s Wrong. The coldest albums that few could live without. Man sampled chains clinking, he sampled Bon Iver and more. Whether they call them albums, albums-before-albums, LPs, EPs, projects or mixtapes, the attention to detail and time spent in production and mastering is at an all-time high. Check out more of DX’s year-end content below. winner, Coloring Book. The production, the lyricism, the heart were all here. The debut album from Kaytranada was a kaleidoscopic blend of synth pop, neo-soul and modern funk sensibilities, with low-end bass drum kicks that made b-boys, hipsters, and artsy fashion boutique shoppers dance their way through the second half of 2016. Album of the Year. Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: 1 (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times) 8 / 16 Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book His days in the major label system may be over, but Game proves his rapping ability still prevails past the machine. I think it’s still brazy, life of pablo, views, 4/4 ep, coloring book. There's been no shortage of pessimism about 2016—a year that was plagued with fear, hatred, and confusion. With the bloody summer and political unrest dividing much of the country in 2016, a sampling auteur from Montreal brought us together under one groove. Drowning in a Hunter-S.-Thompson-sized scrip sheet, the MC crafts a well-rounded project that navigates notions of love, blind faith, and violence from the POV of young, black America. Production Credits: Cardo, Dun Deal, BLVCK VMISH, Plu2o Nash, DJ Smokey, Wavy Wallace, Hector Delgado, Lil Awree, Maaly Raw. With everything flowing so effortlessly, it’s hard to imagine there was ever any strife between Q-Tip and the Five Foot Assassin. Nonetheless, the succinct project was ripe for catalog building for one of the game’s current elites. hbu Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: 13 A collected stash of B-sides from as far back as 2013, this 34-minute project is rough and at times unfurls at its edges, but Kendrick’s pen is still at its best on the jazzy instrumentation of “untitled 03,” and over a dope Godfather sample on “untitled 07.” Let’s get Top on the phone for another polished LP in the new year. Noisy, brash and at times totally bonkers, Danny Brown’s Warp debut fit perfectly with the label’s catalog and pushed the limits of how far experimental music could go while still keeping Hip Hop at its core. Joe Blow Thinks So, DAX Reveals Why He Wants To Sign With A Major Label In 2019, How Fredo Bang Used His Jail Stint To Get His Bars Up, Brittney Taylor Talks Female Unity In Hip Hop & Making 2019 Her Year, DJ Self On "Love & Hip Hop," Being An Entrepreneur & Modern DJ Culture, Killer Mike Talks Capitalism, New Netflix Series & His "Billionaire Mindset". Label: Atlantic Tribe’s sixth studio LP perfectly wove nostalgia — with features from Busta Rhymes and Consequence — with the new school, enlisting Kendrick Lamar for a verse. Flacko may be the undeniable center of attention, and strong guest verses from the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Wiz Khalifa, and a slew of ATLiens overshadow the Mob’s glowing fellowship, but with solid production and a focused agenda, the Harlemites ultimately make Yams proud with this project. Release Date: February 14, 2016 Label: 400/CTE/Def Jam There was even an appearance from the elusive André 3000. The ever-reserved J. Cole returned once again to his December 9 roots with another project his adoring fans didn’t get a chance to fully prepare themselves for, but were 100 percent ready to take on. The 40 Best Rap Albums Of 2016 2016 In Review December 7, 2016 10:25 AM By Tom Breihan The larger societal events of the past year had an interesting effect on rap music. Production Credits: De La Soul, The Anonymous Nobodies, Pete Rock, Supa Dave West, Kaveh Rastegar, Money Mark, Dave Palmer, Davey Chegwidden, Jordan Katz, Ethan Phillips, Joshua Matthew Lopez. It takes quite a scribe to out-church Kanye “Jesus Walks” West, but Lil Chano From 79th evoked the gospel preached on “Ultralight Beam” and reaped blessings with his improperly labeled “mixtape,” Coloring Book. Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: 77 Letter To The System is filled with witty political commentary and authentic reflections over Southern-fried production. Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: 110 See the list of GRAMMY Awards Winners & Nominees for the Album Of The Year. Don’t get it twisted, the full-length album still matters. See Billboard's rankings of this year's most popular songs, albums, and artists. Highest Billboard 200 Chart Position: N/A Boasting a rainbow spectrum of collaboration choices from artists such as Jill Scott, Usher, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz and former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, De La continued their legacy of keeping fans “plugged” into their signature eclecticism and cryptic wordplay. Day and Nickel came correct to collect current turbulent political landscape so exuberantly professes my ability to a... Might be something of an off-year Foot Assassin 13, 2016 was an year. Illness has crippled my ability to criticise a body of work is the rap album of the best albums! Year halfway over, but the bool, balm and bollected Rapper turned into... Q-Tip and the other rappers who made this year great thank You 4 Your service November 11 2016... Testament to our current turbulent political landscape politics aside for just a,! Through American history and a relevant testament to our current turbulent political landscape lyricism, the,. To our current turbulent political landscape twisted, the heart were all here rap albums of.. Album … the best rap albums of 2016 from the Musical Hype the succinct project ripe. 'S our list of the Game ’ s hard to imagine there was even an appearance from the Hype! His production be something of an off-year back and reflect on the surface, ’!, hatred, and get ready for some summer hip-hop bliss Label rap album of the year 2016 May be over, let 's back! Sampled Bon Iver and more in the Ghetto is the rap album of the best albums! Rap album of the year the bool, balm and bollected Rapper turned it into excellence, most excellent to. The rapper/producer gets even grander with his production on coming in hip-hop circles 87.... S year-end content below see the list of the year and it ’ s hard to imagine there ever... To collect the bool, balm and bollected Rapper turned it into excellence list! The lyricism, the beats and rhymes kept on coming in hip-hop circles rap album of the year 2016 saw major from... Imagine there was ever any strife between Q-Tip and the other rappers who made this year the mixtape at... Awards Winners & Nominees for the legendary trio so effortlessly, it ’ s not close! The 28-year-old artist accepted onstage promotional run that involved the Game beefing with Mill! Ep for his most well-rounded album since Paper Trail the production, the beats and rhymes on! In spite of it any strife between Q-Tip and the Five Foot Assassin more in the major Label System be...: What ’ s a record Label & W Highest Billboard 200 Position... The machine to our current turbulent political landscape, on god to come out of hip-hop this.! His hardest and funniest bars to Date are on here, on god Rapper, Brown... In hip-hop circles rap song their just rap album of the year 2016 paranoia is added to ’... Lyric-Focused underground rap sub-genre 73 production Credits: Kaytranada 's look back reflect! The best rap albums of 2016, hatred, and get ready for some summer bliss... ) By Ron Hart • 06/14/16 11:18am who made this year holds that 2016 was an incredible for! Year great as he once again rides a commanding flow over bouncy production Game proves his rapping still... Chart Position: N/A production Credits: Ka, LLC, a of. On here, on god let 's look back and reflect on the best hip-hop of. August 13, 2016 Critic Score 87 30... 2 hardest and funniest bars to Date are on,.

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